Being an Investor While in College, Why Not?

Mashfik Siddique ’20 and Saugat Pandey ’21 found a place for students to become investors while still in college.

Inspired by what they have learned from Money & Banking and Accounting courses, along with the investing and stock market experiences, Mashfik Siddique and Saugat Pandey founded Beloit Investment Club to put their knowledge into practice. The club gives prominence to encouraging personal growth into respective careers and empowering every individual to achieve their business goals. The club’s investing goal is to achieve the average rate of return in the stock market - 7%. An annual return of 7% or larger will be considered to be a successful year for the club.

Managing the fund, the principal activity of the club, gives all members the chance to participate in the decision-making process by using the daily updated analysis of the stock market made by the club’s research team. The final decision for changes in the fund’s portfolio is decided based on the voting results of the Executive Committee and Advisors after a discussion of the whole club community. Workshops on investment strategies and networking opportunities will be provided in order to foster a passion for finance and investing.

Despite the hardship of gathering funds at first, Mashfik and Saugat managed to present a great place for students to gain hands-on experiences and jump-start their career in the financial market. Anyone interested in learning about the stock market, regardless of the Economics or Finance background, is warmly welcomed to be part of the club.

By: Dung Pham'22
February 29, 2020

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