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Postcard from England: understanding Victorian arts and mental health psychology

Studying abroad in Sussex, England, Grace Zaffiro ’21 is enjoying various art courses as well as learning how nature and nurture both play roles in the development of mental health status.

  • Name: Grace Zaffiro ’21
  • Hometown: Milwaukee, WI
  • Major: Psychology, Studio Art
  • Study Abroad Location: University of Sussex, England

Q. How is studying abroad benefiting your Beloit College education?

A. I have been able to take an Art History course dedicated to Victorian art, which has been a very interesting course to take considering I am in the country the course is studying. Being in England has given me access to so many resources; museums are full of history and glorious art and they are all a fingertips reach away. I have also been able to take Psychology courses that revolve around specific topics such as the psychology used in Organizations, in departments such as Human Resources, and how nature and nurture both play roles in the development of mental health status.

Q. How were you engaging with people and places when you’re not in the classroom?

A. With the train station right down the street from my flat, day trips to London, Brighton and several other destinations are a short trip away. So far I have made great friends in my building. I got to go to a Simple Plan / Bowling for Soup concert together in Brighton with some flat mates, which was so much fun.

View of Lewes from the top of Lewes Castle (built in 1264)

View of Lewes from the top of Lewes Castle (built in 1264)

Q. What are the three most important things you packed in your suitcase? Why?

- An electrical plug adapter (2), this is a necessity and having 2 allows me to charge my phone and my laptop at the same time which is very convenient.

- A reusable shopping bag, every store here charges for bags and having a reusable bag is environmentally friendly. I use it every time I go get groceries or go to any store.

- And lastly, colored pencils. I have been using these cheap colored pencils to draw interesting people I encounter while I am here, doing this gives me a way to de-stress and not be on my phone or laptop all the time and it doubles as a visual journal for when I get back home. (if you study abroad, it doesn’t have to be colored pencils or any art supplies at all. Bringing a journal would also be a good plan, you will be able to keep it for decades after your semester abroad as a souvenir)

Q. What is a common food there? What is the best meal you’ve had abroad?

A. A common type of meal here is a Sunday roast. Almost every restaurant has it on their menu on Sunday evenings, but the best place to get a Sunday roast is at the local pub. The roast has options of chicken, pork, beef or vegetable, and it comes with Yorkshire pudding and other assorted sides. It is the best meal I have had here, and it makes me miss home cooking and family dinners.

Lunch with Gwen Meyers ?21, in London

Lunch with Gwen Meyers ’21, in London

Hiroaki Tani’20
February 26, 2020

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