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Desire Piphus ’20 is Assessing Groundwater Quality at the Nevin State Fish Hatchery

Desire Piphus is investigating major ion geochemistry in flowing wells at the Nevin State Fish Hatchery.

Desire Piphus’ 20 is majoring in Environmental Geology and minoring in Chinese. The purpose of Desire’s research is to provide an assessment of water quality conditions at the Nevin State Fish Hatchery in Fitchburg, Wisconsin. She is interested in whether land use changes within the recharge area for the wells have impacted groundwater quality. Desire is collecting water samples from five of the ten wells at the hatchery and analyzing the samples for major cation and anion concentrations. Desire will compare her results to ion concentrations from 2001 to determine if the concentrations have changed over the last ~20 years. Desire is working with Professor Sue Swanson (Geology and Environmental Studies).

February 18, 2020

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