All In For Beloit

Over five years, Beloit’s “Be All In” fundraising campaign aims to raise $20 million for financial aid and $30 million to make the college’s standout programs even stronger. Are you in?

Be All In is an ambitious fundraising campaign that will ensure the future of Beloit College through robust enrollment, high retention, access to all, and superior student experiences. The goal includes an average of $10 million each year for financial aid and budget relief. In total, over five years, the campaign goal is to raise $20 million for financial aid and $30 million in investments toward making Beloit’s standout programs even stronger.

During the five years of the campaign, 100 percent of all gifts to the college’s annual fund will go directly to financial aid for recruiting and supporting students.

“I’ve quickly learned that Beloiters are a passionate and generous community of people,” says Amy Wilson, Beloit’s vice president for Development and Alumni Relations. “We all want to see the college thrive for the next 170 years, and we are all in to make that happen.”

The campaign is structured around three broad fundraising categories. The largest amount, $28 million, invests in Beloit College students, with $19 million going toward financial aid, $4 million to improve access through personal, relationship-based recruiting, $4 million in retention efforts, including a new summer orientation program and a sophomore retreat, and $1 million toward energizing programming in the college’s Career and Community Engagement Center.

The college has earmarked $17 million to invest in people, with $12 million dedicated to endowed and named faculty and staff positions and $5 million invested in marketing, recruiting, alumni relations, and fundraising.

A third targeted area of $5 million will invest in academics, with $2 million devoted to launching Beloit’s Channels initiative—which orients students to their future lives and professions through advising, field experiences, academic and co-curricular learning, internships, and networking—and $3 million going toward supporting and growing foundational areas of excellence, such as the Logan Museum, the Powerhouse, and the Upton Forum.

By: Susan Kasten
February 04, 2020

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