January 14, 2020

The Pumpkin House

Beloit students in the ’70s and ’80s knew it as the Pumpkin House, and it was the Blue House to those who came later. (The towering two-story on Park Avenue at Clary Street had names that often clung to it longer than the paint did.)

For decades, the turreted and once shabby abode was cut up into small apartments that were typically rented out to students. Now that it’s been painstakingly restored and converted back into a single family home, the house is on the market.

Thanks go to Richard Klug’73, a member of the Facebook alumni group “Beloiters of an Uncertain Age,” for posting this photo after he saw the real estate listing. Round Table staffers, several of whom were Pumpkin House residents, are shown on the front porch during the spring semester of 1973.

  • Back row: Susan Kuczka’76, Tom O’Neill’73, Maggie McVeigh’73, Chris Damon’73, Don Tippman’73, Stephen Hall’73, Todd Strasser’74, and Chuck Lesh’73.
  • Middle row: Richard Klug’73, Wim Franken’73, unidentified, Paul Schoenfeld’73, and Larry Sulkis’73.
  • Front row: Dan Finer’73 and Round Table co-editors Kate Stearns’74 and Anne Friedberg’74.

A couple of mysteries remain about this photo: The name of the student in the center middle row seems lost to history, and the photographer’s name is also unknown. If you can provide either of these missing pieces, we’d like to hear from you. Contact Beloit College Magazine at belmag@beloit.edu.

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