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Studying Threatened Bumblebees in Northern Virginia

Olivia Ruffins ’20, spent her summer studying 5 different bumblebee species to see if the plants that they utilized were different between the threatened and the common species.

Olivia Ruffins ’20, spent her summer at Blandy Experimental Farm, a 400 acre ecology research farm and the state Arboreteum of Virginia, where she worked with University of Virginia professors on a project looking at differing pollen usage among common and threatened bumblebee populations in Northern Virginia. She presented her finding at the end of the year symposium and is anticipating to present her research at the Ecology Society of America’s conference in 2020. 

Career and Community Engagement Center
December 10, 2019
  • Olivia Ruffins ’20, spent her summer studying threatened bumblebees and the plants they use at the Blandy Experimental Farm in Northern Virginia. (Those glasses helped her see small anatomical structures on the bees that allowed her to differentiate between species)

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