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Enhanced learning & engagement post-study abroad

After multiple opportunities abroad, Olivie Brimacombe’20 finds post-study abroad reflection most valuable.

Olivia Brimacombe’20 came to Beloit College from her home in England having already spent a gap year teaching English in China. An economics student with a desire to work internationally, she chose to study abroad in Ghana. “My future career will benefit if I have first-hand experience in diverse economic and social systems, and I put myself in uncomfortable (but not unsafe) environments.” It was the return to campus, however, that really brought home the value of studying abroad. Doing research on wellness abroad with fellow returned study abroad students helped Olivia realize what a powerful experience study abroad can be, when coupled with reflection and critical analysis, post study abroad.

July 10, 2019
  • Olivia Brimacombe’20, serenely sitting on a beach in Accra while studying abroad at the University of Ghana

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