Numbers That Tell the Future

Yang Yang ’12 visualizes data to create effective sales models.

Yang is a Mathematics and Biology double major. He is currently a Senior Data Scientist at Capital Group. For his day-to-day tasks, Yang meets with an internal team to align priorities, codes and builds models. He’s also in charge of communicating with business partners and manages offshore data science consultants. His projects focus on creating the company’s next-generation sales model using machine learning and geographical optimization. Working closely with the sales team, Yang’s interested in designing statistical experiments to test and deploy new models, which are pitched to business stakeholders afterward.

To Yang, the most crucial skill in his job is data visualization, which consists of the ability to identify or uncover patterns, correlations, and trends that are likely to go unnoticed in text-based data. When he was a graduate at the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities to study statistics, it was the critical thinking and problem-solving skills he learned from Beloit that helped him catch up with other graduates from big universities, despite the more advanced technical knowledge of his fellow graduates. He believes that this is an asset from Beloit that enables alumni like him to not only develop hard skills, but also strengthen interpersonal proficiency.

By: Hayley Tran'21
December 02, 2019

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