May 01, 2018

Darlington Sabasi

Economics professor Darlington Sabasi mixes in texts that laid the foundation of modern economics with texts looking to the future of it. See what he’s been reading.

Must-Read in Your Field

The Wealth of Nations

By Adam Smith

Adam Smith is referred to as “the father of modern day economics.” His book lays the foundation on understanding economics. He clearly explains how the “invisible hand” drives supply and demand, about the role of division of labor and specialization in wealth creation, the benefits of trade, and many other economics concepts. This book provides the fundamental basis on which several economic theories emerge, and studying economics is incomplete without reading it.

Favorite Book to Teach

Principles of Finance with Excel

By Simon Benninga and Tal Mofkadi

This book has both theory and application. Excel is an important tool used in building financial models and in finance decision-making. By combining theory with the practical tools in Excel, I am enjoying teaching this book. The spreadsheet tools developed along with the theory, in addition to numerous real life examples provided, will be used by students long after they graduate. Through working on problems in Excel, students seem to better understand the theory.

For Pure Enjoyment

The Elusive Quest for Growth: Economists’ Adventures and Misadventures in the Tropics

By William Easterly

This book is very intriguing and thought provoking, and provides answers to questions about the aid and growth nexus. In addition, this book provides numerous examples of how failure to follow basic economic principles, such as people responding to incentives, leads to policy failures.

Book that Change the Way You Think

The Secret

By Rhonda Byrne

Reading this book and learning about the law of attraction—what you think is what you attract—and the importance of gratitude and visualization, changed how I think in so many ways. It made me very conscious of my thoughts and to think positively and to believe in myself. Since reading this book, I have prescribed it to many, if not all, of my friends. The question I always get is, “Why are you always positive minded?” and my response is almost always, “you need to read The Secret to understand why.”

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