May 01, 2018

John Kaufmann

Theatre Professor John Kaufmann knows a good narrative when he sees one, find out what he’s been reading.

Must-Read in Your Field

The Empty Space

By Peter Brook

Brook’s passionate writing challenges artists to trust that simple human storytelling can transform lives and the world. I saw Peter Brook’s Hamlet in Seattle years ago, and it was a joy to see his aesthetics in action.

Favorite Book to Teach


By Paula Vogel

This is a new play that chronicles the theatrical journey of “God of Vengeance,” a 1907 play that featured Broadway’s first lesbian kiss. I look for new plays to explore with students in directing classes, and this play offered an abundance of history, theatrical gifts, and unique production challenges.

For Pure Enjoyment

A Wrinkle in Time

By Madeleine L’Engle

My 6-year-old daughter and I are reading A Wrinkle in Time out loud together. It’s been a joy to experience it through her eyes, stopping often to discuss words or fantastical concepts and characters.

Book that Change the Way You Think

A Director Prepares: Seven Essays on Art and Theatre

By Anne Bogart

I know this book changed the way I think because I have internalized so many of its ideas. I might be teaching an acting class or directing a play, and identify one of my core theatrical values. When I go back to Bogart’s writing, I am repeatedly reminded where these values first took root in me.

Also In This Issue

  • Mixed in among the documents and photographs you’d expect to find in Beloit’s Archives are any number of unusual objects, such as beanies, banners, busts, and other Beloit ephemera from long ago, not to mention examples of vintage college swag. The exact origin of this bright felt pennant is unknown, but Archivist Fred Burwell’86 speculates this expression of Beloit spirit has been around for at least a century.

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