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“Spring Semester 2021 to begin February 15” letter sent to the community

Dear Beloit College Community:

The College’s Senior Staff, following multiple conversations with the COVID-19 Task Force, students, faculty, staff and culminating with Academic Senate, voted Wednesday evening to shift the start of Spring Semester to Feb. 15. Classes will end May 21 and Graduation is on May 30.

From the outset, deliberations centered on the health and safety of our community. Scientific advice in response to COVID is driving our plans. The College’s administrative leadership teams meet daily to assess COVID rates, risks and decisions.

In addition to bypassing an expected post-holiday January surge, extending the start date allows us to:

  • Provide a safer and richer student experience, as we avoid the most severe winter weather when students will largely be confined to their rooms due to frigid temperatures;
  • Avoid a significant overlap between COVID and the height of the flu season;
  • Enjoy a greater proportion of Spring Semester activities outdoors;
  • Extend the much-needed break for students, faculty, and staff.

Some students have already let us know that their personal circumstances require them to remain on campus for the break. For those students whose stays are extended due to this shift, we are reducing their incremental costs by 40 percent.

As we learned from our experience last spring, some students may have personal emergencies. No student emergency will be ignored. As was the process earlier this year, affected students should contact the Dean of Students. For those experiencing financial difficulties due to the pandemic, the College has an emergency fund and students can request financial assistance

Additional key dates are available on the Teaching & Learning page on Back at Beloit.

Thank you to everyone who helped us make this decision. We look forward to working with you to create the best - and safest - experience for our students in 2021.

Scott Bierman

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