Grading, Attendance, and Completion Policies — Fall 2020

Grading: For courses that are currently designated as letter-grade (A-F), students may choose to designate the grading method as a letter grade or “CR/NC”. Students must communicate their decision to the Registrar’s Office via a Portal form no later than two days after grades are due for the semester. This policy applies to Mod 1, Mod 2, and full-semester courses.

Definition of “CR”: “CR” grades will be given for grades of “C” and above. CR/NC grades are never factored into the semester or cumulative GPA.

Class Attendance and Participation: Any course that requires in-person participation or includes in-person participation as a factor in grading will have options for participating remotely if you cannot attend because of illness.

 Student Emergency (from the “Class Attendance” section of the Student Handbook): For this semester, the definition of “compelling circumstance” in the following will include personal and/or family challenges that arise because of COVID-19: “When a student has an emergency (death in the family, severe illness or other compelling circumstance), the student should notify the Dean of Students Office, who shall inform various administrative offices and the student’s instructor(s) and advisor(s) about the absence. However, all absences, including emergencies, are evaluated by the instructor.

It is the student’s responsibility to notify the instructor in advance whenever possible about an absence. In all cases, the student is responsible for course work missed.” You should communicate with your professors, who can help facilitate your access to course materials and negotiate, if possible, alternate deadlines and options for you to show proficiency in the course’s essential learning objectives.

Major/minor completion: Departments and programs will be reviewing major and minor transcripts to anticipate what substitutions or alternate plans of study can be made if you are in a situation where you cannot access required courses because of COVID-19. This lack of access may be due to illness, but it also may be due to your location (internet accessibility and time zone differences) if required courses do not have asynchronous remote ways of completing assignments and assessments.

“Incomplete” contracts: You should make every attempt to avoid taking “Incompletes,” especially for first-mod courses.

Planning for the Unexpected: Departments and programs have been advised that faculty illness and/or the transition to mods during COVID may present unique challenges this year that require some (temporary) adjustment to best teaching practices, course sequencing, and scheduling, and course syllabi.

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