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New COVID-19 Policies and Requirements

Beloit is taking additional steps to reduce the spread of the COVID-19 virus. We remain steadfast in our commitment to having students, faculty, and staff back on campus for the Fall 2020 term. To do that, we continue to focus our efforts on health and safety.

Dear students,

As the pandemic continues to reshape our world, we recognize that we can safely reopen the campus only by implementing some new and more rigorous practices and protocols. This message describes important steps we are taking in our ongoing collective efforts to reduce the transmission of the COVID-19 virus in our campus community. A new Protective Practices policy requires students and employees to comply with specific standards of protective practices. We ask that you carefully read the policy and be prepared to follow these practices that include wearing cloth face coverings, maintaining physical distance, and completing daily wellness checks.

Pre-arrival Testing: In order to return to campus, students must provide documentation of a negative COVID-19 test administered within seven to 10 days of your planned arrival date. If for some reason you do not have results by the time you are scheduled to be on campus, you may choose to remain at home and quarantine until you receive your results or come to campus and quarantine until your test result is received. If you need to quarantine at home or on campus, you will still be able to do your academic coursework. If you are delayed in returning to campus or attending an in-person class, please reach out to your academic advisor and course instructors immediately. The Testing policy for students is available and we strongly urge that you read it carefully.

Wellness Checks: The college will be acquiring a self-screening app for daily wellness checks. The app operates on your mobile phone and will require less than twenty seconds to use. You will be asked to indicate if you are experiencing any of the symptoms known to be associated with the virus. Your answers will result in one of three responses - you are cleared to be on campus, you are asked to stay home, or you are advised to seek medical attention.

Contact Tracing: The college is exploring several methods for contact tracing that would be used in collaboration with the Rock County Public Health office. When someone comes in close contact with a person who has COVID-19, there is an increased risk of becoming infected and potentially then infecting others. Protective practices such as wearing a cloth face covering and maintaining six feet of physical distance can reduce the spread of the virus. Contact tracing is an important additional step to prevent transmission of COVID-19. As the college evaluates its options, protecting individual privacy and maintaining compliance with FERPA and HIPAA are essential criteria.

No method of contact tracing is perfect. Each contact tracing solution is an attempt to identify and notify only those people who might have been exposed to the virus over a specific period of time. Accomplishing this task requires trying to ensure that everyone who might have been exposed is alerted to that possibility without creating unnecessary distress by notifying people who have a very low probability of having been exposed. More information will be shared with you when the college makes a final decision about what methods will be used for contact tracing.

Questions: We expect that many of you will have concerns and questions about the Protective Practices policy, the Testing policy, and the additional actions aimed at preventing the spread of COVID-19. We want to address your concerns and will be holding a Zoom session for students in the coming weeks. Please use this form to submit your questions in advance. The dates and times of the session will be communicated via email and stuboard early next week. For other questions related to the Back at Beloit plan, please send them to the Task Force at

As a community, we remain committed to having as many students, faculty, and staff in person and on campus as possible. While the pandemic continues to create challenging circumstances, nothing is more compelling or important than our ongoing attention to the safety, health, and well-being of every student and every employee. We ask that each of you join with us diligently and consistently following our protective practices to keep ourselves and others safe.

Stay safe and be well.

The COVID-19 Task Force


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