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BSG Presidents and Social Working Group on wearing masks

As we practice Self Care is Community Care on campus this fall, we will be wearing masks.

In a letter to students, the Beloit Student Congress Social Working Group expresses its belief that, “wearing a mask is an essential tool to curb the spread of the coronavirus”.  Specifically:

  • We recognize that certain members of the Beloit community are more vulnerable to the effects of this disease. As an institution that values each and every member of our community, we must collectively take precautions so that vulnerable members of our community are protected.
  • We recognize that some members of the community may not agree with the concept of wearing masks, but since the health of the whole community is at risk we must wear masks in order to minimize the spread of coronavirus.
  • We recognize and applaud the fact that a number of staff and faculty members are putting their health at risk in order for us, the students, to be able to have an on-campus college experience.

Read their entire letter to students.

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