To read about Beloit’s Fall 2020 plans, visit our Back at Beloit information site.


Letter to the community about Back at Beloit, our plan for returning to campus

It will be great to be back at Beloit. Here’s an overview of our plans, from President Bierman and Beloit’s COVID-19 Task Force.

Dear Beloit College Community,

Today we present to you our plans for arriving Back at Beloit this fall. While there will be many things that are different about the Beloit experience, I am proud and pleased to say that the fundamentals of what has always made Beloit, Beloit, will be as central as we can possibly make them. It will be great to be back at Beloit.

First things first. After much consideration, we took another look at our fall calendar and asked ourselves whether we could make it an option for students to be home from Thanksgiving until January. Moving the first day of classes up to September 1 makes this possible so we have done so. We think the option to return home for Thanksgiving is important for students and their families.

Now, how do you learn more about our Back at Beloit plan?

The best place for you to begin is with this short video. From there, visit our Back at Beloit site where you will find the details of our plan: will then be able to navigate through the details of the plan.

The COVID-19 Task Force* and its closely allied partner, the Return to Campus Committee**, has worked creatively, thoroughly, and tirelessly to create a plan that is smart, safe, and sensible. It reflects the best and most current understanding of the scientific community, the advice of leading experts, wisdom from multiple sectors of the economy, and deep knowledge of what really matters to members of the Beloit community. Importantly, this plan was directly and profoundly informed by student leadership. The intrepid faculty, staff, and students who courageously and generously developed this plan have my deepest gratitude and respect. I am sure you also join me in thanking them.

Of course, given the varied and unpredictable ways the virus is impacting the world, our plans may change. After all, we have emphasized institutional agility every step of the way. You should check the website regularly and look for changes. Anything that is particularly important will be highlighted.

Our plan mitigates risk in smart and sensible ways. Yet, it would be unrealistic not to anticipate that some members of the community will become infected. We have put measures into place that will keep those who are infected as safe and comfortable as possible. Importantly, community members will need to make decisions about how to keep themselves safe and others safe as well. Self-care is community care. Your willingness to live your life on campus via the guidelines we have established will do more than anything else to keep the number of infections as low as possible.

If you have questions, comments, or concerns, you should send them to The college has also scheduled two parent sessions on Tuesday, July 14 and Wednesday, July 15, 6:00 - 7:00 p.m. (CDT), when families can speak with college staff. You will receive a separate email containing a Zoom invite.

I am so ready for what this Fall will bring and I hope you are ready to be back at Beloit too. Just today I got an exceptionally kind note from a first-year Beloiter who tells me how excited he is about selecting classes and getting organized for the Fall. It gave me goosebumps. I cannot wait to see him on campus in a couple of months (that is you, Jalen, thanks for the note!).

I hope that as you review the various aspects of the plan, it prompts you to send a note to another Beloiter to tell them how much you are looking forward to being Back at Beloit in the Fall. You might also find yourself, like me, in a goosebump moment or two.

Stay well, be kind, stay in touch.

All the best,

Scott Bierman



*COVID-19 Task Force:

Eric Boynton, co-chair, Provost and Dean of the College

Elizabeth Brewer, Director, International Education

Erica Daniels, Executive Administrative Assistant, Office of the President

Tara Girard, Director of Health & Wellness

Pam McQuesten, Chief Information Officer

Lori Rhead, Vice President for Human Resources & Operations

Cecil Youngblood, co-chair, Dean of Students


**Return to Campus Committee:

Elizabeth Brewer, Director, International Education

Quin Brunner’21

Erica Daniels, project manager, Executive Administrative Assistant, Office of the President

Tara Girard, Director of Health & Wellness

Lori Rhead, Vice President for Human Resources & Operations

Sahil Rizal’22

James Rougvie, Associate Professor, Geology

Mezekerta Tesfay’23

Cecil Youngblood, chair, Dean of Students

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