To read about Beloit’s Fall 2020 plans, visit our Back at Beloit information site.


Start of fall semester moved up one week

The first Fall 2020 Mod begins on September 1.

Dear Colleagues,

In consultation with members of the COVID-19 Task Force, ASP, EAA, Student Affairs staff, and others, the Senior Staff has approved recommended changes to the fall academic calendar. We recognize that this change may require you to alter plans that you have only recently developed and so we are sharing this update as soon as we are able and ahead of our July 2 message to students and parents about the fall.

We have developed a calendar that requires as few changes as possible in order to meet our primary concern for the health and safety of the Beloit community this fall. Prevailing health policy regarding breaks in the semester has meant that a majority of campuses across the country and in the ACM have adopted a similar calendar. We have revised the calendar to complete as much of the semester as possible before Thanksgiving while keeping the start date in September just one week sooner than originally planned.

The first Mod will begin on Tuesday, September 1, and will end on Saturday, October 17. We will forego mid-semester break, and second Mod courses will begin on Monday, October 19. In-person instruction will end for the second Mod on Tuesday, November 24 before Thanksgiving break, which will be from Wednesday, November 25 through Sunday, November 29. The final week of coursework after Thanksgiving, and final exams, will be conducted remotely. Students who are on campus may stay through Thanksgiving break and the end of the fall semester if they wish. This is their choice. On-campus housing and support services will continue through December 9th. Students who choose to depart campus at Thanksgiving will be required to complete the remainder of the semester, including finals, at home. Additional details of the semester requirements below.

This academic calendar change will be included in our message this week to current and incoming students and their parents welcoming them to campus for the fall semester in a safe, secure, and sensible way. As Catherine Orr has suggested, we encourage you to arrange one-on-one meetings with advisees as needed in July to discuss your student’s return to campus in the fall. AMP instructors will be advising our first year and transfer students July 12-24.

Thank you for all your work this summer in preparation for an extraordinary fall.

Senior Staff

Scott Bierman, President

Eric Boynton, Provost

Amy Wilson, Vice President for Development and Alumni Relations

Stacie Scott, Vice President for Finance and Planning & Treasurer

Lori Rhead, Vice President for Human Resources and Operations

Leslie Davidson, Vice President for Enrollment

Pam McQuesten, Library Director and Chief Information Officer

Cecil Youngblood, Dean of Students and Chief Diversity Officer

Matt Tedesco, Professor of Philosophy and ASP Rep

Dan Schooff, Chief of Staff and Secretary of the College

Ellie Anderbyrne, Director of Strategic Research and Assessment

Erica Daniels, Executive Administrative Assistant, President’s Office


Mod 1

Start: Tuesday, Sept 1

Classes end: Thursday, Oct. 15

Exams: Friday October 16, and Saturday, Oct. 17

Grades due: Wednesday, Oct. 28

Mod 2

Start: Monday, Oct. 19

Thanksgiving (and move out): Wednesday, Nov. 25-Sunday, Nov. 29

Online classes: Monday, Nov. 30-Friday, Dec. 4

Classes end: Friday, Dec. 4

Exams: Monday, Dec. 7, and Tuesday, Dec. 8

Grades due: Monday, Dec. 14


The Department of Education rules require that each semester include 15 weeks with weeks defined as seven consecutive days with at least one class or exam day

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