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Course Repeat Policy

A student may repeat a course only if she/he has received an “F” grade. A student opting to retake a failed course will be evaluated CR/NC. If the student receives a “CR” in retaking the course, the “F” shall not be figured into the student’s grade point average, but shall be recorded on the student’s transcript as “RF.” If the student receives lower than a “C” in retaking the course, a grade of “RNC” shall be posted.

The grading policy on repeated courses:

1) applies only to courses taken at Beloit College;

2) applies to “topics” courses only if the same topic is repeated. A “topics” course is one that may be repeated for credit if the topic is different;

3) does not apply to music lessons and music ensembles;

4) does not apply to dance courses that may be taken twice for credit.

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