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Credit/No Credit (CR/NC) Option for Fall 2020 Courses

For courses that are currently designated as letter-grade (A-F), students may choose to designate the grading method as letter grade or “CR/NC”. For Fall 2020, students must communicate their decision to the Registrar’s Office via a Portal form by Wednesday, December 16. This policy applies to Mod 1, Mod 2, and full semester courses. “CR” will be recorded for “C” or higher grades; “NC” grades will be recorded for grades lower than “C.”

A form for requesting a change in grading method will be available under the Portal Forms tab after you log into the PortalThe form is not yet available.

CR grades awarded in Fall 2020 will meet requirements for all domains, skills, majors, and minors.

CR grades will be given for grades of “C” and above. CR/NC grades are never factored into the semester or cumulative GPA.

Students do not need to notify instructors or ask permission to make this selection.

Students with a GPA that is or is expected to be lower than 2.00 should check with the Financial Aid Office for possible effects on Satisfactory Academic Progress for Federal and Beloit Aid.

Students who are thinking about attending medical, graduate, or professional school, consider contacting the appropriate faculty member or advisor to make informed decisions prior to electing CR/NC grading, as this option may affect how the graduate school calculates the GPA.

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