Honors Term Awards

Description and Purpose of Awards

A limited number of Honors Term Scholar Awards and Honors Term Service Awards are available to outstanding students who would like to continue their study at Beloit College for an additional term beyond graduation. Students who are selected will receive full tuition remission in exchange for undertaking a project that contributes significantly to the academic and/or co-curricular programs of the College and simultaneously furthers their own academic or professional development. Students must have completed at least eight semesters of full-time enrollment at Beloit College to be eligible for an Honors Term. Eligibility for students who were admitted as transfer students must be comparable to eight semesters of full-time enrollment. Honors Terms are only available in the semester that immediately follows graduation. Honors Term students must live in campus housing, contract for a board plan, and are responsible for the full cost of room, board, and fees.

Honors Term Scholar Awards may be given for projects that involve academic research, educational research or program development. Honors Term Service Awards may be given for service to the College, service to the community, or a combination of these. All applications should state clearly the major emphasis of the proposed honors project and align with the strategic goals of the college.

Applicants must have a strong record at Beloit College, which includes

  1. good academic standing, with a minimum 3.200 cumulative grade point average required for a Scholar Award
  2. active participation in one or more departments or disciplines
  3. a curricular or co-curricular record that demonstrates the ability to organize, manage, and complete an honors term project independently
  4. a strong record with respect to the background required for the proposed project: for example, honors term service projects that include service to a local community organization or effort must be supported by a history of involvement with that, or a closely related organization. Similar demonstrated background is expected for other types of service to the College or to departments within the College.

General Information and Application Process

Honors term students enroll in HTRM 100 (scholar) or 101 (service) for two units and may take up to three additional units of credit. Any courses taken will be graded and included in the student’s grade point average. In order to be eligible for an honors term award, a student must have completed all credit-bearing requirements for graduation. The proposal may include the completion of non-credit-bearing requirements to achieve honors in a major the student has already completed. An honors term may not be used to complete an additional major, minor, or certification.

Applications should be submitted via the Portal. Click on the “Academics” tab to find a link to the Honors Term Application. Applications must be submitted online during the term in which the student expects to complete all credit-bearing graduation requirements. Honors Term applications are due on the Wednesday following the mid-term break. 

Applications for either type of honors term consist of a narrative proposal and supporting documents.

The narrative should include the following elements:

  1. a statement of the proposed project, and courses to be taken;
  2. an explanation of the project’s value to the student;
  3. an explanation of the value of the selected courses to the student;
  4. a description of the proposed project’s contribution to the College;
  5. a summary of the student’s qualifications for carrying out the project;
  6. the name(s) of the faculty or staff member(s) who will be the primary sponsor(s) for the honors term project.
  7. If a project relates to a department or program other than the one represented by the primary sponsor(s) evidence that the department or program to which the program pertains has been consulted and supports the project.

The narrative proposal should be accompanied by:

  • letter(s) of support from the primary sponsor(s), including an assessment of the student’s qualifications and of the project’s value to the student, the College, or the community (Letter(s) should be sent directly to the Provost’s Office vpaa@beloit.edu. Letters must be submitted by the application deadline.);
  • a copy of the student’s College transcript (The Registrar’s Office will automatically send a copy of the student’s transcript to the reviewing Committee/Provost when the honors term application is filed.).

Students who wish to drop an honors term may do so in accordance with the College policy for dropping classes. A student who drops an honors term must also drop all other courses in which she or he enrolled. An incomplete for the honors term will be granted in accordance with the College policy for incompletes.


Selection of Honors Term Awards will be competitive, and applications will be judged on the merit of the proposal; the qualifications of the student; the value of the project to the student; the value of the proposed contribution to the academic and/or co-curricular programs of the College or to the community; and the quality of the recommendation.

Final selection will be made by the Dean of the College. Applicants will be notified of the decisions approximately two weeks following the date when applications are due. Specific decisions will not be based on a particular quota in any given year, but will favor projects that combine scholarship and service.

Final Report

An honors term student shall file a report of the project with the Dean of the College at the end of the honors term. The report is due by the end of the final exam period of the semester in which the honors term is undertaken.

The honors term recipient’s primary sponsor will inform the Dean of the College whether the student should receive a grade of CR or NC for HTRM 100 or 101.

Students must receive a recommendation for CR and file their report in order to receive a grade of CR on their transcript: otherwise a grade of NC will be assigned and appear on the transcript.

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