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Students who have been dismissed or who have withdrawn voluntarily may apply to the Academic Performance Committee for readmission to the College. Those who have been dismissed may apply for readmission no earlier than one year after the dismissal. Students may be readmitted on the approval of the committee, which will consider each application on an individual basis.

Students seeking readmission should complete a Readmission Application and contact the Dean of Students Office

Academic Bankruptcy

A student who has been readmitted after an absence of one (1) year (two terms) or more, and whose previous academic record was deficient may, at the time of readmission, submit a request to the Academic Performance Committee that previous work at Beloit be re-evaluated by the registrar on the same basis as credits offered in transfer. A minimum of 16 units of credit for graduation must be completed at Beloit College after a student is readmitted.

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