Name Change/Preferred Name Policy

Legal Name Change

A current student with a name change should provide the Registrar’s Office with appropriate documentation, such as a marriage certificate or a legal name change document. 

Preferred Name Policy

General Statement

Many of our community members use a name other than their legal first name to identify themselves. While individuals of all gender identities may prefer a nickname or a middle name to a given first name, the issue can be especially important for transgender or gender non-conforming individuals.

To encourage a more open and welcoming campus community environment, Beloit College has established a policy whereby any community member has the option to use a “preferred” first and/or middle name on campus wherever possible. We strive to have this name appear wherever a legal name is not necessary. Choice of a preferred name must be appropriate and cannot be an attempt at misrepresentation or fraud. Inappropriate use of a preferred name (including but not limited to avoiding a legal obligation or misrepresentation) can be cause for denial of the request or removal of an existing preferred name.

Use of the legal name will continue to be required for certain documents, including but not limited to, payroll records, billing records, financial aid documents, official transcripts, diplomas, medical records, and federal immigration documents.

Preferred Name Request

To submit a preferred name request, log in to the Portal and navigate to the Portal Forms tab. Select the Preferred Name Change Forms link on the left. Once approved, the change will be reflected in the Portal and Moodle. If you are an alumnus with a preferred name request, please contact the Alumni Office.

Be sure to update your email name, check with Residential Life about a new ID, and update B-link. If you wish to change your account name (aka email address), please contact the Registrar’s Office for help coordinating this change.

Frequently Asked Questions

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