“Required COVID Testing For January Return to Campus” letter sent to the Beloit students

Dear Students,

A negative COVID test, taken no more than 3 days before arrival on campus is required for return to campus in January. All students are required to submit negative COVID test results, regardless of vaccination and booster status.

If you tested positive for COVID within 90 days of your arrival on campus, then you are required to submit documentation of your positive results and are NOT required to submit a negative test result to return to campus.

Antibody testing will not be accepted in lieu of a negative result.

All manners of testing will be accepted including: PCR, rapid antigen and take home tests kits. Please submit your results through this google form. You must be logged into Google drive with your beloit.edu email address to access the form.

Please remember that all of these practices and policies are to keep COVID-19 infection and transmission low so we can continue living and learning on our Beloit College campus. Your cooperation is needed and greatly appreciated.

Key details:

  • All students are required to get a COVID-19 test 3 days or less from their arrival date on campus.
    • The only exception is if you have had a lab-confirmed diagnosis of COVID-19 within the 90 days prior to your arrival on campus.
      • If so, you must submit your positive test results to healthcenter@beloit.edu and you do NOT have to get a negative test to return to campus.
    • The documentation of your negative result should be submitted to this google form BEFORE you arrive on campus.
  • If you are a student who has remained on campus all of Winter Break, then you must obtain your COVID test off-campus and send your results within 3 days of the first day of classes.
  • If you have not received your results by the time you plan to arrive on campus, you must remain at home until your results are received. You may not return to campus before submitting results and being cleared by the Health and Wellness Center.
  • Student ID Cards will NOT be reactivated until COVID test results have been submitted through the Google form and approved by the Health and Wellness Center.

Receiving a COVID-19 vaccine, including a booster, does NOT exempt you from this requirement.

The COVID-19 Task Force

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