Deferred & Spring Enrollment

Deferred Enrollment

Admitted students who wish to take up to one school year off from formal study between secondary school and college for personal reasons such as work, travel, or internships, may request deferred enrollment from the Admissions Committee.

Deferrals must be approved by the Admissions Committee by the appropriate deadline, and may require an additional enrollment deposit. Students who participate in the program will be guaranteed a place in the enrolling class for the designated term.

Reapplying for admission is not required, but submitting updated transcripts, financial aid applications, or other enrollment tasks may be required.

Spring Semester Admission

Students may apply for mid-year enrollment, for which the admission requirements are the same as in the fall. In the past, students have selected January admission for a variety of reasons, including the opportunity to work, complete an internship, or participate in study abroad or overseas travel opportunities prior to enrollment.

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