Research Assistance

Want to fine-tune a research question, explore a possible topic or learn more about academic sources and fake news?

With over 100 research guides aligned with the subjects in Beloit’s curriculum and courses, you can quickly find a collection of databases, articles, books, and other resources that can help you do your best work. You can also attend sessions about evaluating information and doing library research and meet with librarians individually.

Research Appointments are free and rewarding — have as many as you want

The librarians, college archivist, and professional LITS staff are available to discuss your research topic, class assignments, and point you toward information and resources that you can use for your academic work. Make an appointment by completing the form on the right.

Information Literacy Sessions are always available for classes

Information literacy is an essential aspect of the spirit of inquiry and the ability to critically evaluate and ethically apply information in academic, professional and everyday life. If you would like librarians to meet with your class, please submit the form to the right.

Schedule a Research Appointment or Information Literacy Session

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