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Fridays with Fred

Stories from Beloit College history.

Round Table layout room

Fridays with Fred - Round Table Recollections

Olympian Base Ball Club

Fridays with Fred - Beloit’s First Athletic Team - the Olympian Base Ball Club

This Fridays With Fred honors Beloit’s first athletic team.

Pearsons Hall of Science in the 1890s

Fridays with Fred - Pearsons Hall

The history of Pearsons Hall

D.K. Pearsons in 1892

Fridays with Fred - D.K. Pearsons and Beloit College

This week’s Fridays With Fred explores D.K. Pearsons

Shaffer Map

Fridays With Fred: O.V. “Verne” Shaffer’50 and 1948 campus map

A collection of maps drawn by O.V. Shaffer’50.

The class of 1895

Fridays With Fred: Beloit College becomes coeducational

In honor of International Women’s History Month, Fred explores the history of Beloit becoming coeducational.

During the 1950s and 1960s, the Gold printed an annual “Who’s Who,” a dressed-for-success lineup of Beloit College’s “outstanding leaders,” chosen by the Student-Administration Committee. In reaction, the Round Table staff picked a “Who Ain’t,” compiled of students left in the dust as undesirable.

Fridays With Fred: Forget “Who’s Who,” learn more about Beloit’s “Who Ain’t”

This week, we dive into The RoundTable 1950s and 1960s tradition of “Who Ain’t.”

Eddie May in his football uniform

Fridays With Fred: Eddie May’42, one of Beloit College’s finest athletes

College Archivist Emeritus Fred Burwell’86 has generously agreed to restart his ever-popular “Fridays With Fred” posts in honor of Beloit’s 175th anniversary. Every week this spring, Fred will unearth photos and stories about Beloit and share them here. His first new post is on Eddie May, class of 1942.

A commencement ceremony in the Marvin Field House, circa 1950.

Fridays With Fred: Commencement Throughout The Years

Take a look back at Commencement over the years, with excerpts from past speeches.

Cover of the 60th Anniversary issue of The Round Table from 1907.

Fridays With Fred: The Round Table

Old editions of the Round Table, Beloit College’s newspaper, offer an interesting look into past Beloit culture.


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