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Moodle Archive

The current Moodle instance will always be found at A Moodle academic year includes summer, fall and spring terms. Courses are archived after the close of each term. Beloit Information Technology Services (BITS) creates a redirect from to the current Moodle instance shortly after commencement.  Once this is done, a link to the passing Moodle instance will be posted on this page. BITS will maintain an archive of 3 years of Moodle courses, as well as providing immediate access to the most recent two years of Moodle instances — the current academic year and the immediately previous academic year.  If you need materials from an archived course, create a School Dude ticket and the Moodle administrator will work with you to retrieve your course from the archives.

The new Moodle instance for the upcoming academic year will be made accessible in March of the spring semester preceding the new academic year. In December of each calendar year, the Moodle instance from 2 years prior will be shut down. See the chart for a depiction of how the schedule will operate.

Moodle Instance Creation and Decommissioning Cycle

2015-16 2016-17 2017-18 2018-19 2019-20
December 2017 Shut down Archived & Accessible Current & Accessible
March 2018 Archived & Accessible Current & Accessible New & Accessible
December 2018 Shutdown Archived & Accessible Current & Accessible
March 2019 Archived & Accessible Current & Accessible New & Accessible

All archived and accessible instances will be kept behind our firewall for increased security. Anyone needing to access an archived instance from off-campus will need to use a VPN client to access that instance. Please contact Beloit College Information Technology Services (BITS)  for questions regarding this. 

Below you will find a list of the archived Moodle instances.

These archives will only be available from on-campus unless you use a VPN client.
If you do not have a VPN client installed, please submit a SchoolDude ticket to request installation.