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Participants in 2008

Participants in 2008

- Fran Abbate drafted a course unit for her First-Year Initiatives course about "Venice--Invisible City." Outcomes of the assignments include greater visual literacy, practical suggestions for writing about art, forming research questions, and critical reflection about using sources.

- Kristin Bonnie developed an Introduction to a Scientific Research Paper assignment for the Psychology Research Methods and Design class. Students read and analyze a journal article, and learn how a scientific research article is constructed.

- Darrah Chavey's assignments for Cultural Approaches to Mathematics guide students through developmental steps in producing a term project. Students refine their topics, and consult a variety of online resources and databases to develop their lists of sources.

- Oswaldo Voysest prepared assignments for a Spring 2009 course titled Historical Figures and Events through Hispanic Literature and Film. Students read novels and watch films about how these figures have been portrayed in artistic works, and also to read and research about the actual historical figures through primary and secondary historical sources. Students will evaluate historical material (scholarly articles, newspapers articles, books).