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Visual Literacy

Visual Literacy Tools

Adapted from a NITLE Conference on Visual Literacy handout
Reed College, March 19, 2008


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Image Sources

Flickr - Upload and search for images.
Google Image Search - Google’s image search engine.
ARTstor (subscription only) - Find images, create presentations.
REALIA - Faculty-reviewed media for the study of language and culture.
Stock.xchng - Royalty-free stock photos.
US Government Photos and Multimedia - Many collections of public domain images (American Memory Project, especially)

Image Editing Tools and Resources

Snipshot - Web-based image editing tool with basic functions.
Picnik - Web-based image editor, integrates with Flickr.
Splashup - Web-based image editor with Photoshop-like features.
Google Picasa - Free, downloadable image management software with basic editing functions. (Windows only)
GIMP - Downloadable open-source image editing tool.
Interdisciplinary Uses for ARTstor

Maps, Charts, Visualizers

Google Earth - Downloadable virtual globe.
Google Maps - Web-based 2D map viewer.
WorldMapper - Cartograms of international data.
Many Eyes - Interactive map and data viewer.
Gliffy - Web-based chart and diagram tool.
Geni - Web-based genealogy mapper.
Presidential Speeches - Tag cloud (i.e. word frequency visualization) of terms from presidential speeches. - Social bookmarking site.
Cmap - Concept mapping tool.
News Map - News stories represented by popularity of coverage.
Visual Complexity - Library of visualizations of various “complex networks” in several disciplines.
Tag Cloud Generator - Generates tag clouds (word frequency visualizations) from entered text or websites.
Social Explorer - Maps and reports about U.S. demographics.