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Student Employment in the Beloit College Library

How Do I Apply?

Applications may be printed electronically by downloading the student employment application, or may be picked up at the Circulation Desk in the Library. See the brief job descriptions below. A copy of the completed application should be taken to the Circulation Desk and given to attendant on duty. The applications will be read by the Student Supervisors. You will be contacted by a Supervisor only if there is interest in hiring you. Contact information is listed below for the supervisors. 

Supervisors and Positions

Library Archives Assistant Fred Burwell,

  • Archives Assistant—Students will categorize and file a wide variety of archival material.  Students may create lists/inventories/finding guides to archival collections as well as transcribe and document older hand-written materials.  Students also help with research requests, create displays and assist with preservation measures.  Occasional heavy lifting may be required.

Library Circulation Assistant – Deb Lynch,

  • Academic Reserves Assistant—The purpose of Academic Reserves Assistant is to provide help with the management of the Reserve Room that's located behind the Circulation Desk. The Reserve Room holds specialized reading collections from instructors for their classes.  Work includes receiving, organizing and maintaining appropriate records and procedures for books, photocopies, and DVDs.
  • Circulation Assistant—Morse Library is the center of academic inquiry and research and the main study area of the campus.  The Circulation Desk is a main hub of the library for putting information in the hands of those who want it and need it.  Often the first impression of the library and that of the campus is that which the circulation assistant projects.  Circulation assistants perform circulation activities at the desk on the main floor.  Students assist library patrons in using the facilities, collections and the services of the staff and librarians.  Additional duties may include shelving and stack maintenance.  Students are assigned the number of work study hours allocated to them by Financial Aid based on a schedule established between the student and supervisor.  Circulation Assistants are expected to report promptly at their designated time.  It is their responsibility to find a substitute worker when unavailable for their assigned shift.  Students are required to work evening and weekend hours and may need to work some hours during fall and spring break.

Library Digital Project Assistant Josh Hickman,

  • Digital Projects Assistant—This position supports the work of the Digital Resources Librarian.  Digital projects include electronic serials and database management, digital resource cataloging, and the creation of digital objects in support of the Beloit College Digital Collections.  A student can establish a schedule with his or her supervisor.  Students are expected to report to work on time.  Students will assist in the creation of digital objects by scanning or photographing archival material, recording data about digitized items, enhance images using image editing software, transcribing handwritten material, and performing other tasks as assigned.

Library Technical Services Assistant

  • Acquisitions and Cataloging Assistant—The purpose of this department is to acquire and process materials for the library.  A student can establish a schedule with his or her supervisor.  The student is responsible for reporting to work on time.  Students will search the catalog, data entry, process materials, unpack shipments, and other projects as assigned. Kallie Leonard,
  • Serials Assistant—The purpose of this department is to process print journals for the library. Students will check-in and shelve print journals, maintain current periodical shelves, prepare items for bindery, and other projects as assigned. A student can establish a schedule with his or her supervisor.  The student is responsible for reporting to work on time. Kallie Leonard,
  • Government Docs Assistant—Check-in and shelve Federal and Wisconsin Government Documents, weed materials and create list of items removed from library collections, and other projects as assigned. The student must be dependable, attentive to detail, be able to recognize anomalies, and deal with varied and somewhat complex procedures.  Good penmanship is required for some tasks. Chris Nelson,

Library Interlibrary Loan Assistant Cindy Cooley,

  • Interlibrary Loan Assistant—The purpose of interlibrary loan is to assist the campus in getting items that we do not own from other libraries.  The Assistant will search our catalog and retrieve requested items.  Scan and send documents electronically.  Check in received items and check out loaned items.  Assist with getting materials ready to loan.  Assistants will need to file, lift up to 40 lbs, communicate effectively with coworkers, supervisor and others, have good reading skills, and neat handwriting.  The schedule is established between the student and supervisor.  

Library Mail Clerk/General Library Support Pegg Stoddard,

  • Mail Clerk/Library Support—The mail clerk routes US mail, newspapers, and periodicals to appropriate library staff; picks up and delivers library mail at the mail center; and has other assigned library duties. The student will be required to work a 5-day work week, preferably the same schedule each day.  The daily schedule is established between the student and supervisor.  Students are rarely asked to work outside their normal shift.  Students are expected to report to their supervisor promptly at their designated times.

Library Reference Assistant Chris Nelson,

  • Reference Assistant—The Reference Assistant provides direct assistance to researchers in the library, by phone, or through email.  This includes interpreting research questions, selecting appropriate resources, and locating items.  Most candidates will have completed 2 semesters of work at Beloit College Library, or similar work experience.  Applicants should be proficient in searching the library catalog and research databases, and good at finding items in the library collection.  Availability on particular evenings may be required.