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Library & Archives strategic activities for 2014/15 period

Items selected from the library and archives strategic plan for focused attention and action in the 2014-15 academic cycle.

1. Research skills in the curriculum:
.:.Thoughtfully enhance the integration of research skills into the Beloit Curriculum from the First Year Initiatives through preparation for and completion of capstone projects.
    i.    Close collaboration with FYI coordinator on new model for support services/activities module.
    ii.   Participate in emerging Capstone courses and workshops.
.:.Experiment with and assess the efficacy of librarian/faculty collaborations around research, creative work, and innovative pedagogy.

2. Innovative partnerships across the college:
.:.International students and the Office of International Education – to help students arriving in Beloit or going abroad navigate and succeed in different information environments.
.:.Liberal Arts in Practice Center – to define and develop new employment and internship opportunities within the library, support student information needs as they research careers and employment opportunities, as a support component for LAP requirements.
.:.Dean of students office - for coordinated curricular support.
.:.Capstone projects – to integrate and support advanced research needs and to assist with retention and distribution of student projects.
.:.Digital humanities, quantitative reasoning, and the Initiatives program – collaborate with and support faculty on the investigation and integration of new tools, resources and teaching methods.
.:.Admissions – uncover new opportunities to utilize the library and archives collections and spaces and student engagement to support recruitment.

3. Library as lab for learning:
.:.Develop campus understanding of library as a gateway through the implementation of a new Discovery search.
.:.Collection consolidation and relocation projects on the lower level.

5. Adapt library collections to community needs and changes in scholarly communications and publishing:
.:.Invest in new tools for information discovery and access
    i.   Implement subject and course guide pages.
    ii.  Collaborate with academic departments to align continuing commitments with curricular needs.
    iii. Expand e-reference sources

6. Strengthen archives and special collections as signature collections:
.:.Implement a digital preservation program
    i.    Archives management system implementation to control print and electronic materials
    ii.   Expand pilot collection of electronic files
.:.Engage faculty to identify existing archives collections for digitization to support classroom learning.
.:.Integrate Middle College attic materials providing continuity of records