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Library & Archives strategic activities for 2013/14 period

Items selected from the library and archives strategic plan for focused attention and action in the 2013-14 academic cycle.

1. Research skills in the curriculum:
.:. Thoughtfully enhance the integration of research skills into the Beloit Curriculum from the First Year Initiatives through preparation for and completion of capstone projects.

2. Innovative partnerships across the college:
.:. International students and the Office of International Education – to help students arriving in Beloit or going abroad navigate and succeed in different information environments.  Help domestic students headed abroad prepare for research opportunities as well as shaping and promoting information and service opportunities for international students in Beloit.
.:. Liberal Arts in Practice Center – to define and develop new employment and internship opportunities within the library, support student information needs as they research careers and employment opportunities, as a support component for LAP requirements.
.:. Information Technology – for improved integration of course and research support as well as updated spaces for formal and informal teaching, learning, and creation within the library.

3. Library as lab for learning:
.:. Increase space available for group study and provide adaptable workspaces to support collaboration, technology intensive research and presentation, oral presentation, and tutoring.
.:. Update existing and increase space available for teaching.
.:. Develop campus understanding of the library as a gateway to a global network of resources, tools, ways of learning and discovering.

4. Student employment and internships as learning opportunities:
.:. Address interest of students in careers in library and archives by providing summer and other internship opportunities.

5. Adapt library collections to community needs and changes in scholarly communications and publishing:
.:. Invest in new tools for information discovery and access.
.:. Develop library staff fluency in visual, graphical, and quantitative literacies and work to become guides for the discovery, evaluation, and use of images and datasets in scholarship.

6. Strengthen archives and special collections as signature collections:
.:. Working with Collections Development Group and others, explore options for streamlined discovery and searching of all Beloit’s collections (e.g. costumes, geology, anthropology, art) in all forms and formats.
.:. Engage faculty to identify existing archives collections for digitization to support classroom learning.
.:. Implement a digital preservation program to collect, manage, provide access to, and preserve the digital expressions of the college’s historical legacy.