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Transfer the Liberal Arts

Staff in the Liberal Arts in Practice Center are available to assist students in identifying and applying for a number of post-graduate opportunities.  Below is additional information on resources available to you as you look to your time beyond Beloit. 

Strengthen your network

Employers and job seekers alike share that networking is the most powerful tool you can use to find a job. As many as 75% of positions are part of the "hidden" job market, and they are never posted. They are filled by candidates known by the employer, through referrals, business associates, and social networks.   A majority of the time spent on your search should focus on building relationships and cultivating your network.

Strengthen your professional network by joining Linked In and becoming an active member of the Beloit Career Network.

Job search

Searching for a job involves a skill set that evolves over time.  While this may be your first professional job search, it won’t be your last. As you continue to practice, you will build on important skills, including doing targeted research, building relationships with others, articulating your interests, values, strengths, skills, and knowledge succinctly, negotiating, and coping with uncertainty and rejection. 

No matter where you are in the process, the Liberal Arts in Practice Center is ready to help.  Set up an appointment today.

Participate in a Mock interview

Not sure what 'business casual' is or how to translate four years of playing Dungeons and Dragons in BSFFA into a strong narrative about the leadership skills you've acquired and will take with you into the workforce?  We're here to help!   Contact the Liberal Arts in Practice Center via or 608-363-2675 to set up a mock interview.

Develop a personal statement

Students and recent alumni who are pursuing post-graduation opportunities that require a personal or artist statement should make a plan to contact the LAPC!  Our professional staff is here to help you develop a strong personal statement . . .one that works for you!  Contact us to request an appointment at or 608-363-2675.