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Experiment with the Liberal Arts

From the moment you step onto Beloit's campus, you'll be engaged in scientific inquiry in and out of the laboratory.

As a practitioner of the liberal arts, you should expect to be framing your own practical and theoretical problems, forming and testing your own hypotheses during your second year of college. 

Here are some of the ways you can begin experimenting today to develop your acumen as a problem-based learner:

Do the Duffy!

The Duffy Partnerships Program offers an academically rigorous, community-based learning experience for students interested in learning more about what makes a good society.  This sociology course gives students both a macro and micro understanding of how institutions interact within society. Interdisciplinary perspectives are incorporated and students from across the disciplines are invited to apply. For more information on the Duffy Program, please visit the Partnerships' webpage.

Pursue Summer Funding

Need to subsidize the cost of living for a summer internship?  Want to recover expenses of taking a block course, pursuing research, or creating an art instillation? Apply for funding through the Common Grant Program! 

Last year, half a million dollars were awarded to students who had designed summer learning opportunities through the Common Grant Program. Proposals for Common Grants are due to LAPC at 5:00 p.m. on the Monday after Spring Break every year. 

Attend one of LAPC's Funding Workshops in order to find out more about how to write a solid proposal.  Dates and times for the workshops can be found on the Master Calendar, or by contacting LAPC by email.

Get an Internship

Internships are a form of experiential learning in which you learn about a career that interests you through direct experience in that field . . . and they're an excellent way to put the liberal arts into practice!

Visit the Liberal Arts in Practice Center's online appointments manager in order to set up an appointment and begin exploring internship opportunities.  Our staff is excited to assist you!

Try on Technology

Interested in learning more about video editing or digital design?  Getting hands on experience in television production or radio broadcasting?  The Collective, BATV, Maple Tree Studio, and WBCR offer great opportunities to gain hands-on skills and experience within a variety of communications and media laboratories. 

Apply for a Fellowship

A fellowship offers students short-term opportunities to focus on their professional development as a leader in their field.  Beloit students regularly pursue undergraduate fellowships to pursue research and/or study during their sophomore and junior years, as well as postgraduate fellowships in order to continue their research and professional development after graduation.  

The attached list of undergraduate fellowships provides information on fellowship opportunities that you may be interested in pursuing during your sophomore or junior years. Applications for these fellowships take significant time and planning, so if you are interested in pursuing one of these opportunities, contact the Liberal Arts in Practice Center to begin the planning process.

If you are interested in pursuing a post-graduate fellowship, the time to begin evaluating your options and envisioning your pathway is also your sophomore year!   Students and faculty with specific questions on how to start the process of applying for one of these highly competitive fellowships should contact either Matthew Taylor ( or Rachel Ellett (