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Cultivate your Intellect and Skills

Cultivation is time-intensive, intentional growth.  During your junior year you should begin cultivating your intellectual and professional acumen in deeply intentional ways.  Our campus community offers countless ways for you to cultivate a network too.

Here are some of the ways you can begin cultivating knowledge, skills and a supportive community during your time at Beloit.

Complete your Liberal Arts in Practice requirement

All students complete the Liberal Arts in Practice requirement their junior year.  Through undertaking and reflecting on these experiences, students connect their experiences beyond the traditional classroom with their learning in the classroom and transfer the skills developed in those experiences into other settings.

The LAP requirement totals the equivalent of at least 1 unit of academic credit, and can be satisfied through applied or original work extending beyond the traditional classroom.  The three ways the requirement can be satisfied are:

  • by taking a course designated as a LAP-designated credit (Identified as an L1 course in the Portal)
  • by taking a course with a paired LAP experience (Identified as an L2 course in the Portal),
  • by designing a LAP synthesis project.  Developed in conjunction with conversations with a faculty advisor, the LAP synthesis project is completed through a public presentation, exhibit, publication, or performance. (This independent project is designated as an L3). 

Become a Beloit Research Scholar

Beloit College offers numerous summer internship and laboratory research opportunities for current Beloit College students.  These 6 to 8-week programs offer students to conduct research alongside faculty mentors.  For more detailed information on campus research opportunities, please follow the link to each program description below:

Pursue Domestic or International Study

Beloit College provides opportunities for immersion in other cultural and educational environments through study abroad and domestic opportunities.  Whether you choose to study in Cairo or Chicago, you can expect to gain new perspectives on your fields of study, develop intercultural competencies and communication skills, learn to engage with situations and questions that challenge your own assumptions and values, develop the ability to articulate your cultural experience, and learn about the environments in which you live and study.

Visit the Office of International Education mission page in order to begin exploring the possibilities!


Present your research

Present independent research at the Annual Symposium or International Student Symposium.  Both campus-wide conferences provide opportunities for students to present their research to an audience of their peers and faculty mentors.  For more information on how to develop a presentation proposal, contact your advisor.