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Connect the Classroom to Life Beyond

Your senior year at Beloit provides great opportunities for you to begin preparing for life after your degree.  Here are some of them!

Staff in the Liberal Arts in Practice Center are available to assist students in identifying and applying for a number of post-graduate opportunities.  

Take a capstone

Capstone courses are designed to help you make connections among the variety of disciplines you've engaged in as a liberal arts student at Beloit. Expect to complete a capstone experience during your senior year in order to satisfy your graduation requirement. Check out the Portal for more information on the capstone courses in your major.  Note though: while some capstones may qualify as Liberal-Arts-in-Practice-designated credits, a single capstone unit may not simultaneously satisfy both the LAP requirement and the capstone requirement. 

Participate in an In-Practice Trip

During LAPC's In-Practice Fall Break trip students spend two days exploring a regional city and careers in a particular industry. For this all-expenses-paid trip, students stay with a host alumni family for an evening.  During our two days on site, you have ample opportunities to participate in behind the scenes tours at amazing organizations, engage with faculty and staff from graduate programs at local universities, learn from a diverse alumni panel, and network with alumni in industries of interest. Explore unique career fields and cultivate connections with a professional community! Applications due on the last Monday of September, each year. Contact LAPC for more information.

Join the Beloit Career Network

Interested in finding out more what it's like to live in a particular geographic area?  Need to know more about what it's like having a specific career?  The BCN offers you the opportunity to connect and engage with alumni with shared academic and professional pursuits. 

The Beloit Career Network (BCN), is available to current students and alumni via the Beloit College Toolbox.  If you would like to be a part of the BCN, please contact the Liberal Arts in Practice Center at We will work with you to activate your BCN account.