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Internships & Summer Research Programs

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Beloit College offers numerous summer internship and laboratory research opportunities for current Beloit College students.


An internship is an excellent way to put the liberal arts into practice. Internships are a form of experiential learning in which you learn about a career that interests you through direct experience in that field. Internships are similar to summer or part-time jobs in some ways. However, internships are usually more substantial than part-time or summer jobs.  There is a focus an an opportunity to reflect on the learning that takes place at your internship site.  Types of internships vary widely. They can be done throughout the year, be paid or unpaid, and held locally, nationally, and internationally.

What are the benefits of an internship?

  • Internships can help you learn a great deal about work environment, cultures, and supervisory styles.  You can also build on intercultural and communication skills.  
  • Internships provide a medium to test the theories and principles learned in the classroom.
  • Internships can be critical to helping students narrow down, and perhaps choose, a specific career direction.
  • Employers value students who have demonstrated successful professional experience outside the classroom. 
  • Excellent performance in an internship can result in a full-time offer from an employer.

The LAPC has compact cars for transportation to liberal arts in practice experiences within one hour's drive of Beloit.

As you explore internship options, consider these tips for advocating for and protecting yourself.

Beloit College Summer Internship and Research Programs

Beloit College offers several 4 to 8-week summer programs that provide students with opportunities to conduct research with faculty mentors.

Registering your Internship for Credit

FEP 200 Internship (.25-1.00 credits)

In FEP 200 students engage in a paired internship-Special Project experience which, if taken for a full unit of credit, fulfills the Liberal Arts in Practice requirement (LAP-1). Students may enroll in the internship after locating their own internship and securing a faculty sponsor.

The faculty sponsor will oversee the development of the content and form of the academic reflection, as well as provide assessment of whether the work merits the credit requested. A full unit of internship credit assumes between 90 and 150 hours, depending on requirements as negotiated between the student and the faculty sponsor. 

Graded credit/no credit.

FEP 201 Internship Workshop (.50 credits)

In this half credit course, students engage in a paired internship-workshop experience, which fulfills the Liberal Arts in Practice requirement (LAP-2). Students may enroll in the workshop after sourcing their own internship, with approval from the Liberal Arts in Practice professional staff.

The course begins with a pre-internship orientation and readings, which focus on reflective practice, professionalism, and workplace communication. Students also craft four to five learning objectives prior to starting the internship, with guidance from the Liberal Arts in Practice Center professional staff. Following the internship, students record and reflect on their experience and its connection to their undergraduate education and their future careers, through group discussion and a reflective essay.

Prerequisite: Junior standing or consent of instructor, and completion of Internship Workshop Registration form.

Questions about which option is best for you? See the For Credit Internship Comparison Document!