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The Common Grant application consists of an application, budget, recommendation, unofficial transcript, and (depending on which grants you are applying for) supplementary materials. Be sure to review the descriptions of the funding sources to verify that you have submitted all the necessary supplementary documents.


Review the funding sources to target your application narrative to those grants.


Your budget is an Excel document. Keep this document in Excel formatting. Budgets submitted as Google Sheets or Numbers (Mac version) will not be accepted.

When you attach your budget to your email to, please follow the format shown below:

Last Name_First Name_Budget
Ex: Applicant Name: Johnny Frederick-Smith

What do the columns mean?

  • First column "Cost": cost per unit
  • Second column "# of days": the number of units you will need
  • Third column "total cost": the amount of money you are requesting for that expense

Any row that is not relevant to your experience can be left blank.

Recommendation (1)

The recommendation is a Google Form. Letters will not be accepted.

It is your responsibility to make sure all documents are received by the deadline. It is also your responsibility to follow up with your recommender and make sure they have turned in the Google Form recommendation by the deadline.

How do I select my recommender?

Your recommender does not need to be your advisor.

Any Beloit faculty or staff member who is familiar with your project can write your recommendation. It is best to select the faculty or staff member who you are working with on the project or who is most familiar with the project. Secondarily, you want to select a faculty or staff member that knows you well.

How do I politely ask my recommender to write me a recommendation?

It is important to ask your recommender if they are willing to write a recommendation for you before you send them the Google Form link. It is also polite to give your recommender at least two weeks to write the recommendation.

Unofficial Transcript

Download this from your portal account at

Go to Academics > Grades > View Unofficial Transcript

Email this document to in PDF Form.

How to create a PDF

Once you have opened View Unofficial Transcript go to the printer icon at the top of the screen. Once the printing window has opened change the destination of the printer to Save as PDF and then click the blue Save button at the top of the window.

Please follow the naming format shown below:

Last Name_First Name_Unofficial Transcript
Ex: Applicant Name: Johnny Frederick-Smith
Frederick-Smith_Johnny_Unofficial Transcript

Supplementary Materials

Review the descriptions of the funding sources to determine which supplementary materials you need to submit.