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Common Grant

Each year first-year, sophomore, and junior students are eligible to apply to the Common Grant for funding to support summer liberal arts in practice experiences such as research, internships, and creative projects. The Common Grant Program is coordinated by the Office of International Education, Office of Academic Diversity and Inclusion, and several academic departments. 

The Career and Community Engagement Center can help with:

  • Job/internship search and development of creative projects
  • Creating resumes, crafting cover letters, and preparing for interviews
  • Writing your Common Grant application and budget

Application and Deadline

Applications are due 4:00 PM of the Monday following spring break.

It is your responsibility to make sure your application materials are submitted on time.

For more information, review the descriptions and necessary supplementary materials for Common Grant funding sources.

It is highly encouraged that you make an appointment with Emily Sager to have your application and budget reviewed ahead of the deadline. She can also review professional documents and/or applications and essays for opportunities.


Emily Sager

Office Coordinator, Career and Community Engagement Center

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