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Social Identities in the Workplace

In the Liberal Arts in Practice Center, we recognize that people inhabit multiple identities based on their ability status, gender/gender identity and/or sexualitynational origin, citizenship status, and/or race. The impact of these identities is unique to each student's experiences, search processes, and goals and can influence both the experiences a student has as well as the laws protecting the student against discrimination. Below is a list of resources to support the job search, categorized by social identity.

To discuss how these issues may impact your unique job search experience, please schedule an appointment with Jessica Fox-Wilson.

General Diversity Resources

Dis/Abled Students

LGBTQ+ Students

International Students

DACA Students

Students of Color

African-American Students

Asian-American/Pan-Asian Students

Latinx Students

Native American Students

Equal Opportunity Employment Law



Jessica Fox-Wilson

Director of Career Development

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