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Job Search Resources

Searching for a job requires a skill set you will develop over time.

While this may be your first professional job search, it won't be your last. As you continue to practice, you will build on important skills, including:

  • Targeted research
  • Building relationships with others
  • Articulating your interests, values, strengths, skills, and knowledge succinctly
  • Coping with uncertainty and rejection

A full overview of the job search process can be found here.  


Employers and job seekers alike share that networking is the most powerful tool you can use to find a job. As many as 75% of positions are part of the "hidden" job market, and they are never posted. They are filled by candidates known by the employer, through referrals, business associates, and social networks. A majority of the time spent on your search should focus on building relationships and cultivating your network. 

Campus Jobs

If you are looking to find a job on campus, look at the current postings board. You can also view the spectrum of student employment opportunities available at Beloit on the job descriptions page

Job Search Resources

Job Search Sites and Search Engines

Find jobs posted for Beloit College Students on the Toolbox