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Applying for Opportunities

Preparing for a search, whether it's for an internship, summer job, or post-college job, takes time and effort. In the Liberal Arts in Practice Center, we recommend using the academic year as a guide in initiating your search.



  • Begin your research. Use the Liberal Arts in Toolbox as a home base to start searching. Branch out to other online resources to help widen your search.
  • The most successful searches use a targeted searching approach, in which you identify potential organizations by thinking about your preference in industry and geographic location. Use resources like Google Maps or local and regional professional associations to  find potential organizations.
  • Clean up your online presence - it's legal in most states for people to make hiring decisions based on your social media postings.



  • Have a follow up appointment with the Liberal Arts in Center staff to refine your application materials and plan your search.
  • Apply for positions - many summer internships and jobs have deadlines now!


  • Continue applying for positions.
  • If you are not graduating, apply for summer funding using the Common Grant application.
  • You may start getting offers for interviews. Prepare for your interviews with the Liberal Arts in Practice Center.


  • Continue to follow up on past applications. If you're not getting the responses you've hoped for, make an appointment with a professional staff member to review your search strategies.
  • If you have a summer internship, determine whether or not you want to register your internship.

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