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Conference Schedule

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Friday, April 13 from 6-9pm: Latin@ Educational Issues Conference

6:00 pm - Keynote Speaker

7:00pm - 9:00pm - Sessions


Session #1:  Parent Session: College Access (WAC 10)

  • Parent Session: College Access and Applying for College (Tasha Bell & David Garcia)

Session #2: Educational Policy Issues (WAC 3)

  • Safety or Criminalization? The perceptions Latin@ students have of heavy implementation of security measures in secondary institutions (Stephanie Mayo)
  • The Testing of Latinos: The Detrimental Effects of High-Stakes Testing on Minority Culture Students (Lily Jones)
  • No child left behind and its effects on Latino students (Nancy Gutierrez)

Session #3: Educational Intervention Programs (WAC 206)

  • “Grow your own” teachers-an asset based community development program in Chicago (Gabrielle Gonzales)
  • Intervention programs: The Impact on minority students in Beloit (Jessica Millner)
  • The Impact of Pre-collegiate outreach programs on Latino students (Jessica Torres)

Session #4: Language, Learning and Beyond (WAC 6)

  • ESL Programs in Vermont (Grace Burke)
  • Bilingual Education: The struggle for non-native speakers (Janelle Perez)
  • Latinos and the college application process: The high school diploma and beyond (Praises Vega)


Session #1: Parental Concerns (WAC 206)

  • Adult Latino Immigrants and Literacy (Natalie Moore)
  • Advocating for Your Student (Rosamaria Laursen)
  • Single mothers’ influence on their child’s education (Vanessa Orellana)

Session #2: Negotiating Identities (WAC 207)

  • Identity and depression in undocumented students (Anna Osornio)
  • Multiracial Latinos and their racial identification (Fernando Clark)
  • Migrant Latinas and the process of negotiating gender and sexual identities within the context of the U.S. public education system (Abigail Burnham)

Session #3: Teaching and Learning (WAC 202)

  • Inspiring Latino Youth: Latino Teachers through their own experiences (Danny Corral)
  • Ethnic Studies in High Schools (Hannah Brusewitz)
  • The need for “well-prepared” educators in addressing Latino student issues (Miguel Estrella)

Session #4: Student Challenges (WAC 10)

  • Social Capital and Latino students (Diana Pinduisca)
  • Learning Disabilities in Latino communities (Teresa Wood)
  • Latino Beloit College students’ academic confidence (Matt Johnson)

Session #5: Spanish- Speaking Parent Session (WAC North Lounge)

  • Parent Session: An Open Discussion with Beloit College Students about Preparing Your Student(s) for College