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Related Services

There are many other services and offices on the Beloit College campus that are available to students. The places mentioned below are most closely associated with the services and programs of the Learning Enrichment and Disability Services Office.


If you need assistance with developing and/or writing a paper, contact the Writing Center at 1-608-363-2162 or check out their website.

Graduate and Professional School

If you are interested in how to select, apply to and/or fund graduate/professional school, contact the Career Development Office in the Liberal Arts in Practice Center.


If you are interested in volunteering with Caritas and other community organizations to promote the Empty Bowl Project, tutoring programs in the local schools, and other volunteer opportunities, contact the Campus and Community Outreach Center.

Academic Advising

If you have questions about alert slips, being on academic probation, leaving Beloit (withdrawal or vacation term) or academic advising, see the web sites or contact the Associate Dean of Students at 1-608-363-2661. 

Additional Services

If you are interested in additional services, are first-generation, low-income and/or have a disability, contact the Office of Academic Diversity and Inclusiveness which oversees federally funded TRiO programs: Student Excellence and Leadership (SEL) and McNair Scholars.