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Student Paraprofessional Positions

The Learning Enrichment and Disability Services office is currently not hiring for student paraprofessional positions. Positions normally offered to students include the following:

Learning Assistants for Publicity, Disability Awareness and Assistance, Tutor Matching, Tutor Training, and Academic Enrichment Activities.

All Learning Assistants - Duties & Requirements

Learning Assistant - Disability Awareness and Assistance

Learning Assistant - Tutor Matching

Learning Assistant - Tutor Training & Observation

Learning Assistant - Dean of Students Liaison

Learning Assistant - Publicity

Learning Assistant - Academic Enrichment Activities

Each semester we also employ 50 - 75 students as tutors.  To become a tutor, first get a professor recommendation, then if you have a work award, stop by the office to apply but not before the first day of classes each semester.



A team of paraprofessionals, Learning Assistants (L.A.s), help staff the Beloit College Learning Enrichment and Disability Services Office (Office). These positions report to the Director as well as the Secretary of the Office and the staff of the Dean of Students office.

General Duties of all L.A.s:

  • Develop new ideas, projects, and services to enhance the academic enrichment of students and improve disability awareness
  • Present to groups or provide information individually on academic enrichment topics such as time management, study skills, note-taking, and stress reduction
  • Provide excellent customer service both on the phone and in-person
  • Provide office support (copy, errands, poster distribution, pick up mail, etc.)
  • Check email and office mail box for daily inter-office communications
  • Become knowledgeable of one professional or graduate level exam (GRE, MCAT, LSAT, GMAT), developing handouts, meeting individually with students, and participating in presentations as needed
  • Assist other staff members with projects as needed
  • Ask staff members for projects when time is available
  • Attend bi-weekly office staff meetings and training sessions
  • Keep records and appropriate paperwork as assigned
  • Complete special projects as assigned (compiling data, poster design, etc.)

General Terms of Employment:

  • Six to eight hours per week, excluding midterm breaks and finals weeks.  
  • Flexible hours Monday through Friday, some occasional evenings.
  • Paid training (usually beginning of each semester, prior to classes beginning with room and board provided- additional training possible during academic year).

General Requirements:

  • Good academic standing and effective study habits.
  • Initiative to develop new ideas; creativity
  • Presentation Skills
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Ability to work both autonomously and as part of a team
  • Dependable
  • Ability to communicate orally and in writing
  • Flexible
  • Positive rapport with fellow students, faculty and staff
  • Computer skills and a willingness to learn new ones. (Prefer experience in EXCEL, ACCESS, and Publisher, as well as with assistive technology.)
  • Ability to keep private information confidential.


*LEARNING ASSISTANT – Disability Awareness and Assistance

Specific Duties

  • Create and implement activities for Disability Awareness on-campus.
  • Coordinate assistive technology efforts including scanning and recording written text to an audio format.
  • Work with individual students to assist them in learning assistive technology and gaining access to materials as needed.
  • Train other staff on assistive technology and disability related information.

Specific Requirements:

  • Enthusiasm to learn more about disability services on a college campus.
  • Interest in working with adaptive/assistive technology.
  • Creative ideas for publicity and special projects or events.




Specific Duties:

  • Assign students who have requested tutoring to appropriate tutors.
  • Recruit tutors utilizing a variety of approaches (e.g. emails, personal contact).
  • Process/request professor recommendations for tutors; Serve as a liaison to faculty.
  • Communicate with students, faculty and staff primarily using email.
  • In coordination with the Tutor Training and Observation L.A., provide tutor appreciation and recognition events.
  • Serve as a liaison to faculty, both generally and in assigned Division(s).

Specific Terms of Employment:

  • Expected to work at least one hour each day of the week (Monday – Friday when offices are open).

Specific Requirements:

  • Preferred: Tutoring experience (Tutor or Tutee) at the college level, though high school level will be considered.



*LEARNING ASSISTANT – Tutor Training and Observation    

Specific Duties:

  • Training:
    • Lead training sessions for tutors,
    • Procure and organize assistive materials for tutors, and
    • Review, revise, and develop training for tutors (with the Director)
  • Observation:
    • Observe tutors during the tutoring process,
    • Compile and report observations, and
    • Provide constructive feedback to enhance the training program.
  • In coordination with the Tutor Matching L.A., provide tutor appreciation and recognition events and recruit students to serve as tutors.

Specific Terms of Employment:

  • Flexible hours Monday through Friday with frequent evenings.

Specific Requirements:

  • Previous experience as a tutor, preferably at the college level.



*LEARNING ASSISTANT – Dean of Students Liaison

Specific Duties:

  • Alert slips: copy, distribute, and file as necessary.
  • Assist staff and the Dean of Students secretary in programming, publicity and logistics related to the Initiatives program and academic advising.
  • Assist the staff of the Dean of Students office with projects as needed.

Specific Terms of Employment:

  • Attendance at selected Advising, Dean of Students, and Initiatives program events.
  • Expected to work at least one hour each day of the week (Monday – Friday when offices are open).

Specific Requirements:

  • Enthusiasm for the activities of the Dean of Students office, Advising and Initiatives programs as well as the activities of the Learning Enrichment and Disability Services office.
  • Previous campus office experience preferred.




Specific Duties:

  • Develop and implement an overall marketing campaign for the office.
  • Provide publicity for all activities and events within the office.
  • Create promotional media that draw attention to the services of the office.

Specific Terms of Employment:

  • Must be able to quickly develop attention-getting ideas (in good taste) for publicity on a regular basis (almost weekly).
  • Must remain aware of upcoming events by maintaining communication with office staff.
  • Must be familiar with and publicize events through campus media (The Terrarium, The Round Table, WBCR, etc.) when possible.
  • Using a creative and clever imagination, change bulletin boards 3 times during the semester using office-related themes.

Specific Requirements:

  • Prefer knowledge of computer programs and equipment necessary to create and implement promotional media.
  • Prefer knowledge of relevant specialized computer programs (e.g. Publisher, Adobe PhotoShop or similar software).


*LEARNING ASSISTANT – Academic Enrichment Activities

Specific Duties:

  • Provide all-campus activities on academic enrichment topics (time management, note-taking, test-taking strategies, stress management, public speaking, etc.) each semester.
  • Acquire opportunities for L.A.s to present to groups on campus (Greek groups, floors, athletic teams, etc.).
  • Plan and implement a session on graduate and professional school test preparation (GRE, GMAT, LSAT, MCAT).
  • Work individually with students who want assistance with improving study skills and strategies.

Specific Terms of Employment:

  • Must be able to manage multiple projects at once, plan ahead and communicate needs.
  • Must be able to plan and organize in a collaborative and cooperative manner.
  • Endeavors to assess and meet the needs of fellow students in the area of study skill and strategies.

Specific Requirements:

  • Prefer knowledge of study skills and strategies in the areas of time management, reading strategies, note-taking and/or are willing to learn such strategies.
  • Prefer past experience in programming.


Tutors - Course based

Most tutors provide course-based individual and/or small group assistance 1-10 hours per week to students enrolled in Beloit College courses.  Tutors, with assigned tutees, arrange tutoring times (up to 2 hours per week per course for tutee) and locations. Tutors complete 1 - 2 hours of training prior to employment and may be required to participate in ongoing training (usually one hour per semester).  Tutors communicate in a timely manner with the Learning Enrichment and Disability Services Office and tutees, follow the guidelines presented in training and complete administrative tasks (time sheets) as requested.  See the detailed job description for more information.

Tutors - Organizational

Organizational Tutors provide general organizational tutoring for qualified students with disabilities. There is a separate application process for this role and the tutors are expected to participate in supervisory meetings with the director bi-weekly during the semester.  Training is required (often the semester before the tutor begins tutoring).  Like other tutors, OTs are to communicate in a timely manner with the office and tutees, follow the guidelines presented in training and complete administrative tasks (time sheets and log sheets) as requested. See the detailed job description for more information.