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Mission and Goals


Learning Enrichment and Disability Services (LEADS) believes education is central to the development of the whole person. LEADS, in collaboration with faculty and staff, coordinates academic enrichment opportunities for all Beloit College students. It aims to assist students in achieving their academic pursuits in the hopes of promoting lifelong learning.


  1. Maintain a campus environment conducive to providing appropriate academic support for Beloit College students.
  2. Coordinate and implement academic enrichment activities (i.e. tutoring, one-on-one assistance, presentations, and test-taking strategies).
  3. Serve students with disabilities while simultaneously educating the campus regarding disability-related laws, issues, and concerns.
  4. Collaborate with faculty and staff to achieve the goals of Learning Enrichment and Disability Services and the mission of Beloit College.
  5. Conduct frequent evaluations and reviews of services provided by Learning Enrichment and Disability Services in order to meet the changing needs of students, faculty, and staff.