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Faculty/Staff Connections

Learning Enrichment and Disability Services works closely with faculty and staff to provide appropriate educational support for all students. 

The Tutoring Program is dependent on the cooperation of faculty and staff who teach courses.  We match tutors and tutees on a course-based system.  Consequently, we rely on faculty to recommend tutors for their courses.  Faculty are to select students who taken the course and done well in the course, plus seem to have the personal characteristics and work habits that will make them effective tutors.  We seek students who are patient, reliable, and have excellent communication skills to be tutors.   New faculty may want to consult with continuing faculty to identify students who might be helpful.

We also rely on faculty and staff to refer students to our office - to be a tutor, to get a tutor, to participate in academic enrichment activities, get individual assistance, and/or to obtain disability services. Students have the opportunity to obtain course-specific tutoring and/or organizational tutoring to meet their needs. Faculty are also important in implementing most classroom accommodations. Much of the information on how to do so is found on our faculty pages under disability services.  Information for staff is found there as well.

We also encourage faculty and staff to invite us to present to classes, student groups, department meetings and other relevant gatherings.

We would also like to hear your suggestions for improvements, so contact us!