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Current Students

The Learning Enrichment and Disability Services Office, working in conjunction with faculty, staff and student paraprofessionals, can assist you in being successful with the challenges of college.There are several ways that we offer this assistance.

Utilizing our services can make your experience at Beloit College less stressful and more successful.


The Learning Enrichment and Disability Services Office has a full-time professional staff member and Learning Assistants (trained peers) who meet with students to improve their academic performance. During these sessions, they get to know you, your preferences, strengths and weaknesses, and then offer suggestions. They can address a variety of concerns such as managing time, test-taking strategies, handling test anxiety, taking improved notes or increasing motivation to study. They don't promise magical transformations, but do their best to assist students in improving their performance. And, if this staff doesn't have the expertise to address your concern, we will help you find where you can be best served at Beloit College.

We prefer that students make appointments ahead of time, but we also meet with you if you stop by if we are not already scheduled with another student or meeting. If you are not sure that we can help, we encourage you to meet with us anyway. We would like to make sure that you get the appropriate assistance and we will do our best to make sure that students get it. Sometimes it is decided that  a different office, faculty or staff member is better suited to address your concern, so we will assist you in connecting with that person or office. Our services are confidential so that you can get the assistance you need without worrying about who will know about it.


The Learning Enrichment and Disability Services Office provides a variety of activities throughout the year that cover a range of relevant topic such as time management, note-taking, de-procrastination, and test-taking strategies. These activities come in a variety of forms such as workshops, presentations, drop-in sessions, interactive opportunities, podcasts, and tabling (sitting at a strategically located table, usually at a meal time, and interacting or providing handouts while students eat).  At times, activities are provided for particular groups such as First-Year Initiatives (FYI) seminars, athletes, Greek houses, residence hall floors, and clubs or organizations. All students are welcome to attend the sessions.  

For specific times and locations of the activities being offered this semester contact the Office. 

Also, if you are a student leader who like us to provide an activity or presentation for your group, just ask!


At times students may benefit from having additional assistance in a specific course. The Learning Enrichment and Disability Services Office hires and trains students who have been recommended by professors to provide tutoring assistance. Typically this tutoring is done in small groups of two students. Arrangements for group tutoring, study sessions, or exam preparation are also coordinated through this Office.

The process is simple;

Go to your Portal.* After you log in, you will see several tabs, click on “Student Life”.  After that, on the left side you will see “Tutoring Forms”.   Then select “Tutoring Request Form” and complete. (Make sure that you click on “Submit Form” at the end.)  If you are requesting a tutor for more than one course, you will need to complete a separate request for each course.

Let us know if you have questions or concerns: Learning Enrichment and Disability Services x2572


If you are particularly knowledgeable in a subject/course, want to help other students improve their performance, and have good study habits, you could become a tutor.

1) If you do not have a recommendation or you are not “okay to work” DO NOT APPLY.

To see if you have a recommendation,  go to your Portal.  After you log in, you will see several tabs.  Click on the “Student Life” tab.  After that, on the left side you will see “Tutoring Forms.”  Look under “Professor Recommendations” to view the courses that you have been recommended to tutor.  If the course you want to tutor is not there, your first stop is to seek out the relevant professor to get a recommendation.

2) If you have a recommendation, but are not “okay to work”, DO NOT APPLY unless you get an email from specifically asking you to apply.

3) If you have a recommendation for the course you want to tutor AND you are “okay to work”, apply by going to your Portal page.  After you log in, you will see several tabs.  Click on the “Student Life” tab.  After that, on the left side you will see “Tutoring Forms.”  Select “Tutor Application Form” and complete it.  (Make sure you click on the “Submit Form” at the end.)

Let us know if you have questions or concerns: Learning Enrichment and Disability Services, 2nd floor Pearsons, ext: 2572 or email

               Resources for Current Tutors                           Tutor of the Term


Interested in going to graduate or professional (e.g. Law, Medical) school after you graduate? Most graduate and professional schools require an examination (much like the SAT or ACT for undergraduate colleges) as part of the application process. The Learning Enrichment and Disability Services Office assists students in preparing for such examinations. You usually need to take the exam early in your Senior year. Come to see us during your Junior year so that you have time to prepare. Stop by and see what we have and what we can do.  Each semester we try to put together a panel of people (usually students) who have recently taken the exams.  If interested in attending this event, contact our office for specifics.

You also need to discuss your interest in graduate/professional school with your advisor. In addition, you would benefit from working with the Career Development Office.

We also have limited resources for students interested in the Pre-Professional Skills Test (PPST).


All of the programs and resources described as available through the Learning Enrichment and Disability Services Office are provided to all students. If you are student with a documented disability, additional services may be available.