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Frequently Asked Questions



What are the options available to me?
There are three options available to students for successful completion of the LAP requirement. Students may choose to fulfill the requirement though LAP-designated credits, courses with paired LAP experiences, and LAP syntheses.

Can I complete my requirement in my sophomore year?
The requirement is intended to be fulfilled after a student's fourth semester at the College.  This allows you time to explore your academic and professional interests and test those interests in a variety of settings.  The LAP experience should then allow you to focus on a idea or experience that builds on previous experiences and allows you to engage more deeply.

How do I know what courses meet the LAP requirement?
LAP-designated courses are searchable within the Portal each semester. 
How do I find an internship?
Have a look through some of the many resources the Liberal Arts in Practice Center has for students.  You can then come in and make an appointment with one of our staff members. Your search can start here.

I’m not interested in doing an internship; what other options do I have?
There are a wide variety of ways in which the LAP requirement can be met.  This can include courses, study abroad, research, and a combination of in- and out-of-class experiences. Your advisor can help you think though what option might be most appropriate for you and your educational plan.  Some departments have created LAP requirement information for their majors:


I did something interesting/completed an internship last summer. Can that count?
Maybe.  The internship cannot fulfill LAP 1 or LAP 2, but the internship could be one component of a LAP Synthesis project, which you would discuss with your advisor.

I’d like to complete my LAP requirement locally, but I do not have access to transportation. Is there a car available?
Yes! The LAPC provides transportation for students who have finished Beloit College’s driver registration. The student is responsible for paying for the gas. You can find more information about the "LAPC mobile" here.

I have found an internship but it is unpaid. Is there funding available to support internships?
There are many great volunteer and internship opportunities that are unpaid. The Liberal Arts in Practice Center provides a comprehensive list of funding opportunities through Beloit College and elsewhere. The LAPC also provides grant writing workshops and one-on-one advisory meetings to assist students in identifying opportunities and crafting applications.

I am an international student. Can I still do an internship?
Of course! There are some additional considerations you must take into account as you plan your internship.  An appointment with the Liberal Arts in Practice Center can help clarify what additional steps you need to take in order to comply with your visa status.  

My faculty advisor is not able to sponsor my internship or synthesis project. What can I do?
Your faculty advisor is not required to be the sponsor of your internship or synthesis project.  Any faculty member can sponsor an internship, or you can register for 0.25 credit internship through the Liberal Arts in Practice Center.  For synthesis projects, any faculty or staff member may serve as your sponsor.  These options should be discussed with your advisor. 

I am studying abroad. Can this fulfill the requirement?  
It can.  Approved off-campus programs both domestically and internationally can fulfill the LAP requirement.


What are the options for LAP?
1) LAP-designated credits, which are identified as LAP 1 in the Portal.  This also includes faculty-sponsored internships. 
2) Courses with paired LAP experiences.  The courses are listed as LAP 2 in the Portal. 
3) LAP Syntheses

What are options for internships?
Internships can be part of a student's LAP experience in a number of ways:

  • A faculty-sponsored internship (FEP 200) meets the LAP requirement through LAP 1
  • A LAPC-sponsored internship (FEP 201) meets the LAP requirement through LAP 2
  • An internship could also be the paired experience in another LAP 2 course
  • An internship could become a component of a student's LAP Synthesis project

What kinds of experiences can be coupled with a course for LAP 2? Does the experience have to take place during the semester the student is taking the course?
Any number of experiences can be coupled with a LAP2 course.  This could include an internship, research, a volunteer opportunity, or a co-curricular endeavor.  The paired experience should take place either during the semester the student is enrolled in the LAP 2 course or following completion of the LAP 2 course. 

How can a study abroad experience meet the LAP requirement?
The Office of International Educational has developed a list of approved off-campus programs both domestically and internationally that can fulfill the LAP requirement.

What, if any, co-curricular experiences can count towards the LAP requirement?
Currently, co-curricular experience(s) can be a portion of LAP-2 or a LAP Synthesis project.  

The extent to which the co-curricular involvement is a part of the LAP-2 or Synthesis project should be negotiated between you and the student.  

I have a student who completed an internship last summer. Can the student use this to fulfill the requirement?
Students are expected to plan the requirement in advance, with thought given to how the project/class/internship fits into their overall academic goals.   As such, an internship or experience that has happened in the past cannot fulfill the LAP 1 or 2 requirement.  However, the internship could be a component of a LAP Synthesis Project.

Are there resources available to help support local community engagement or internships?
The Liberal Arts in Practice Center has two cars available to help students get to and from local opportunities.  Students must be registered drivers through security, and they are responsible for paying for gas. 
Is there funding to support internships?
The Liberal Arts in Practice Center has compiled a list of potential funding sources for students, both those unique to the college and nationally and internationally competitive opportunities.

Are there additional considerations that need to be made for international students interested in completing an internship?
Yes, but international students are able to pursue internships in the United States.  The Liberal Arts in Practice Center can help students identify opportunities, and the Office of International Education can assist students in completing the paperwork necessary to register the internship so that they remain compliant with visa regulations. 

How can I help students who aren’t ready for LAP to prepare?
One excellent way to help students prepare for their LAP experience is to encourage them to volunteer.  This is an entry point where students can test, explore, and build skills that will prepare them to take on a larger LAP experience.  For local opportunities, students can be referred to the Campus and Community Outreach Center.  If students are looking for opportunities closer to their home or another location, the Liberal Arts in Practice Center can help them identify potential organizations. 

I am not available to sponsor my advisee’s summer internships or synthesis project. Can someone else serve as a sponsor?
Students are responsible for identifying a sponsor for their internship and/or project.  The sponsor does not need to be you, but you ultimately need to determine if the LAP requirement has been met.  For internships, students have the option of identifying a faculty sponsor, and earning up to 1.0 credit, or working with the Liberal Arts in Practice Center (who serves as the “sponsor”), and earning 0.25 credits.   For LAP Synthesis, students can identify a faculty or staff member to serve as their sponsor, with your approval.


How do I get started on an assignment? Syllabus?
Community-Based Learning has resources on the development of assignments and syllabi that include an experiential learning component.  You can also consult with the Liberal Arts in Practice Center on courses and assignments. 

What support is available through the College?
The Liberal Arts in Practice Center staff are happy to consult with you on course and/or assignment design. 

Are there funds available?
PPDC has funds available to support the development of Liberal Arts in Practice courses.