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Liberal Arts in Practice Requirement

All students complete a Liberal Arts in Practice (LAP) experience after their fourth semester. This beyond-the-classroom experience is designed to improve studentsā€˜ ability to adapt and apply skills, theories, or methodologies gained in one situation to novel situations, and also to effectively and actively engage in meaningful self-assessment and reflection. Examples may include off-campus study, an internship, research-related fieldwork, or a community engagement project.

Students have broad flexibility in selecting their LAP experience, but it must fit into one of the following three options:

1) LAP-designated credits: Some courses are structured to incorporate a significant experience beyond the traditional classroom (such as research-related fieldwork or community engagement projects), and to assist students in reflecting on that experience, making meaningful connections to it, and transferring the skills developed in the experience into other settings.

For-credit internships, as well as applied or original work embedded in many of our off-campus study programs, also count as LAP-designated credits.

2) Courses with paired LAP experiences: Some courses may not themselves incorporate a significant experience beyond the traditional classroom, but they are designed to reflect on, make connections to, and transfer skills from beyond-the-classroom experiences external to the course (such as, for example, off-campus study). All such courses, together with their paired LAP experiences, satisfy the Liberal Arts in Practice requirement.

3) LAP syntheses: LAP syntheses occur when students connect one or more experiences extending beyond the traditional classroom with their coursework, transfer the skills developed in those experiences into other contexts, and reflect on them both in ongoing advising and through a culminating project: some public presentation, exhibit, publication, or performance. LAP syntheses include a large and undefined range of possible experiences beyond the traditional classroom, including but not limited to: on-campus and off-campus jobs, community outreach, athletics, student government and other leadership opportunities, work at CELEB, in art galleries, or in museums, and travel opportunities unrelated to college work.

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