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Common Grant Application Criteria and Instructions

The Initiatives Program, Office of International Education, and the Liberal Arts in Practice Center Grants and Fellowships

Complete descriptions of funds can be found at the Initiatives and International Education sites.

Application deadline
All applications must be submitted by 5:00 p.m. on the Monday following spring break (March 14, 2016) electronically to the Liberal Arts in Practice Center at

*We understand that you may still be waiting to hear back about an application to a program at the time the funding application is due.  With that in mind, the LAPC does fund pending projects.  Please attach any documentation of your application being in progress (e.g. emails from site/supervisors).

Award criteria

  • The strength and feasibility of the proposed project
  • Connection between the proposed project and the student’s prior and projected educational experiences and other activities
  • The strength of the student’s academic record, as reflected in the student’s transcript and recommendation
  • Consistency of the project with the aims of the specific grant
  • Once your application is reviewed, we will determine which grants you may be eligible for

Scope of activities supported by student grants
First and second year students applying for project grants are generally positioned well to work for an organization as volunteers or interns.  Any research they will do either in conjunction with work for an organization or independent of it, however, will need to be confined to participant/observation activities and/or informal conversations.  Students more advanced in their studies may also apply for funding to work as volunteers or interns.

Funding to conduct formal research projects requiring extensive data gathering, including but not limited to interviews, will normally be given only to juniors and seniors. Such research must be directly connected to the student’s major, the student must have taken relevant preparatory course work, and the student must be mentored by a Beloit College faculty member throughout the research process, including development of the initial proposal.

Permission to use grant funding to interview or photograph children and/or other vulnerable populations will be granted only under rare, carefully supervised circumstances.

Finally, all research projects involving human subjects must be submitted to the Institutional Review Board before any such research is conducted.

Faculty/Staff Sponsorship
Applicants must work with a suitable Beloit College faculty or staff member (for International and Weissberg grants it must be a faculty member) to develop a strong project proposal, and should request that person to complete an electronic reference form.  The link for this form is provided in the application.   

Funding can support

  • domestic or international travel (see exceptions below)
  • research expenses
  • room and board for the period of the project activity
  • attendance at conferences or other events
  • enrollment in courses not offered by Beloit College

Funding cannot support

  • Beloit block courses
  • Beloit sponsored field schools
  • faculty-led projects either related or unrelated to courses
  • transportation to and from an international applicant’s home country (transportation within that country may be supported, however)
  • transportation connected to a study abroad semester or year
  • travel to an area for which the U.S. State Department has issued a travel warning
  • proposals that entail significant and foreseeable personal risk
  • equipment that can be borrowed or rented from the college
  • the purchase of personal items 

Award amounts

  • For International Education and Weissberg: $1,000-$3,000 with the average award $1,500.
  • For Venture: Up to $2000
  • For Liberal Arts in Practice Center: Amounts vary

Students will be considered for all grants for which they are eligible, and they may receive funding from multiple sources.

Grant amounts are disbursed in two installments: ¾ of the award before the start of activity, and ¼ of the award upon receipt of a project report following the completion of the activity.

Awards will be announced approximately two weeks after the application deadline.

Health Insurance
All grant recipients traveling abroad for their project will be automatically enrolled in iNext insurance for medical care and emergency evacuation at a cost of $1.40 per day, which will be billed to your student account.  This amount should be reflected in your budget on the grant application.

Students receiving Liberal Arts in Practice Center fellowships must register their internship for academic credit.  There are two types of academic internships from which to choose.

Project reports and dissemination
Grant recipients are required to report on their activities in two ways:  1) a final reflective evaluation, and 2) a dissemination activity.  The reflective evaluation will be completed via an online survey to sent to recipients near the end of the project period and to be completed within 1 month of the end of funded activities. Requirements for the dissemination of project findings can be found in the individual project fund descriptions.

Predeparture Checklist for Grant Recipients
For those traveling internationally, please see the predeparture checklist that OIE has created to make sure you have completed all the mandatory paperwork in order to travel safely and wisely.


Students can also receive assistance and feedback in drafting their proposal at the Liberal Arts in Practice Center.  Please visit this link to schedule an appointment.